Taxi Installations

We offer complete taxi installation services for all vehicles.

This includes the installation of:
• Taximeters
• Roof Lights
• Spot Lights
• Security Cameras
• Dispatch systems
• Two-way radios
• EFTPOS Terminals
• Roof Racks
• Taxi Decals, and
• A range of accessory items including atennas, fuse boxes, brackets, etc.


All technicians who work on the security cameras are licensed by the Victoria Police. Schmidt Electronic Laboratories is licensed by the Victoria Police to provide Security Equipment Installation Services.

Schmidt Electronics has established a name in the Australian taxi industry for outstanding customer service and support.

The company offers a full range of customer support services. Advice and support is available by phone, email, fax or via the company website.


Technicians are available after hours, 365 days a year, for the emergency repair of Taximeters, Security Cameras, EFTPOS Terminals, Dispatch Systems and Roof Lights.


The company distributes its products through a national network of dealers who have been carefully selected for their high level of professionalism.
Please contact us for a referral to your closest Schmidt Electronics dealer.