G5 Taximeter

Keep control of your business &
Protect your privacy

The Schmidt G5 Taximeter is the first interactive taximeter ever developed. It includes fully automatic self-calibration, prevents other parties from owning your confidential income data, allows you to control your taximeter via secure website log-in and many more features!


Fully automatic self-calibration

The G5 Taximeter automatically checks the accuracy and corrects its calibration, saving you time and money.

Guaranteed security and privacy

If you own a G5 taximeter, you own the confidential income data recorded by the taximeter and have an absolute right to the privacy of that data.

Control your taximeter via secure website log-in

By securely logging into the G5 website you can change your taximeter configuration at any time.

Secure Wireless Updates

Uses GSM or Wi-Fi to update fare schedules (rate changes), gazetted public holidays, taximeter firmware, configuration settings and more..

Automatic Tolls & Airport Fees

Tolls and Airport Fees are added automatically with text identification of tolls on taximeter display, receipts, shift reports and in memory items.

Get Shift Reports Online

Drivers reconcile shifts on the taximeter display at the end of each shift. Operators then access the shift reports online.

Separate “Day” and ”Night” views.

The G5 Taximeter has separate “Day” and ”Night” displays to optimise the meter's visibility.

Simple touch-screen controls

The taximeter has touch-screen controls with a rugged, ultra-reliable design and construction, built to last.

Taxi & driver performance reports

Manage drivers and taxis online. Get detailed taxi performance reports and driver performance reports. Compare drivers and vehicles.

Full feature list

The Schmidt Model G5 Taximeter is the first interactive taximeter ever developed.


The G5 Taximeter can be fitted with 3G or Wifi to communicate directly with the internet. The G5 Taximeter uploads all taxi fare and shift data in real time to the G5 System Server and downloads all software updates including taxi fare schedules, automated road toll pricing schedules and configuration settings.


Via secure log-in to the G5 Website, taxi fleet managers have instant access to all taxi fare and shift data uploaded by G5 Taximeters and to a range of user configurable reports. Via the G5 Website, taxi fleet managers may also change a variety of configuration and control settings to customize the way in which their G5 Taximeters operate in the field.


The G5 Taximeter is the world’s first self-calibrating taximeter. It recalibrates itself automatically whenever tyres are changed or changes are made to any drive-train components which affect the taxi calibration, such as transmission or differential boxes. Once installed and initially calibrated, the G5 will automatically check its accuracy and adjust its own calibration setting for the lifetime of the product.


These days everyone is concerned about personal privacy. The G5 Taximeter protects the confidential income data of taxi fleet operators and drivers by ensuring that unauthorized persons do not have access to their confidential income data. Taxi fare and shift data is uploaded directly to the secure G5 System Server and may only be accessed by authorized parties.


Features include:

  • Fully stand-alone product – can operate completely independently of other equipment and does not rely on EFTPOS terminals or dispatch systems for its communications capability.
  • The G5 Taximeter comprises the following items:
    • A GPS antenna for attachment to the taxi windscreen
    • An Interface Box to facilitate connection to the vehicle and other systems
    • A Display Unit
  • Display Unit incorporates an extra large 5.7 inch touch-screen graphical, multi-colour, backlit, high visibility display, which is readable even in direct sunlight. Display incorporates separate Day and Night views and includes intensity control to maximize viewing comfort.
  • Simple touch screen controls similar to that used on smartphones
  • Automated and/or Manual Road Tolling and Airport Fees, subject to local regulations:
    • Based on GPS location, speed, distance travelled, time of day, day of week, public holidays or any combination of the above.
    • Dynamic update of tolls charged including text identification on the taximeter display plus optional voice annunciation of tolls and fees as they accrue
    • Separate identification of tolls and fees charged in taximeter memory, on receipts and on shift reports
    • Automated update of Road Tolling and Airport Fee charges via 3G or Wi-Fi, subject to network availability.
  • Fully programmable tariff structure and completely independent tariffs
  • Tariffs may be manually activated or automatically activated by date, time, day of week, public holiday, location, distance travelled on fare, fare value reached, external signal, or any combination of the above, subject to local regulations.
  • Supports fixed price fares and quote jobs, subject to local regulations.
  • Automated clock, calendar, day of week – never needs setting.
  • Highly accurate taxi fare calculation providing drivers and operators with every cent they are entitled to.
  • Automated printing of fare receipts and shift reports (optional)
  • Optional voice annunciation of fare transitions, e.g. start of fare, addition of automated or manual tolls and total fare value
  • Communicates with the internet via either 3G or Wi-Fi subject to network availability for the purposes of:
    • Transmitting securely to the G5 System Server:
      • Fare details at the conclusion of each fare (optional). When 3G communications is used, the fleet manager has access via the internet to fare data moments after a fare has been completed on the taximeter.
      • Shift reports at the end of each shift (optional). After a taxi shift has been completed, a Taxi Operator has virtually instantaneous access to the shift reports via the internet.
    • Receiving securely from the G5 System Server:
      • Rate Changes (Fare Structure updates)
      • Firmware updates
      • Gazetted Public Holiday updates
      • Road Toll and Airport Fee charge updates
      • Taximeter Configuration and Control Settings as determined by the fleet manager
  • Specific G5 Website functions available to fleet managers includes:
    • Fleet managers have secure internet access to all shift details related to their taximeters enabling comprehensive vehicle and driver reports including reports which compare vehicle and driver performance. Reports may be customised to the user’s requirements and include comprehensive jobs listings including time elapsed and distance travelled between fares. Shift reports provide a comprehensive history of the taxi activity during a shift including complete time, date and location logging of every fare.
    • Secure log-on and log-off by drivers at the start and end of each shift. At end of shift the driver enters the details required to complete the shift report (as determined by the Configuration and Control Settings) which is stored in the taximeter and transmitted to the G5 System Server.
    • Create and edit driver records
    • Allocate PIN numbers to drivers which are used when drivers log onto the G5 taximeter at the start of a shift
    • Create and edit specific driver configuration settings. When a driver logs onto the G5 taximeter, the specific payment settings for that driver are downloaded to the G5 Taximeter.
    • Create and edit taxi fleet management settings
    • Create and edit specific taximeter configuration settings to control taximeter operation and to regulate the data which drivers must enter into the G5 Taximeter at the end of shifts, to suit your needs
    • Enable or disable a taximeter from calculating taxi fares
    • Create report templates
    • Examine all shift and fare data
    • Know when every shift started and stopped, who the driver was and full details of all activity throughout the shift
    • Know exactly where and when every fare started and stopped, the distance travelled and the tolls and extras charged for each fare
    • Know the location of every taxi in the fleet
    • Compare taxi performance using selectable parameters
    • Compare driver performance using selectable parameters
    • Obtain full financial year records for taxi and drivers
  • The G5 Taximeter incorporates a separate Interface Box which enables connection to vehicle electronics via:
    • USB – the use of a USB hub facilitates a large number of external devices.
    • RS232 – 9 serial ports available
    • Bluetooth is available as an option.
  • The G5 Taximeter Interface Box facilitates connection to:
    • Multiple EFTPOS terminals simultaneously
    • Multiple Dispatch Systems simultaneously
    • Multiple Printers simultaneously
    • Taxi Roof Light with up to 4 separately controlled lights
    • Speedometer system
    • Panic Button/ Duress Alarm
    • Any USB, RS232 enabled system or device
    • 10 general purpose inputs and 5 general purpose outputs to monitor and control accessory devices and systems
  • Sealing: both electronic sealing and lead-free physical seals, subject to local regulations.
  • Automated processing and transmission of subsidy scheme transactions using separate proximity card detector, subject to local regulations.
  • Approximate dimensions of Display Unit: 159mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 25mm(D).
  • Complies with all Australian state and territory regulations.
  • Built rugged and ultra-reliable in the Schmidt tradition. Designed to provide at least 10 years of reliable continuous service just like tens of thousands of its predecessors – the G1, G2, G3 and G4 taximeters.
  • All specifications are accurate as at 15 August 2016 but are subject to change without notice in the interests of product improvement.


Hi-Speed Thermal Printer

A Hi-Speed Thermal Printer may be attached to the G5 Taximeter for the purpose of printing Taxi Fare Receipts and Shift Reports. By logging into the G5 Website and editing “Taximeter Configuration”, Operators may configure the Shift Report style and whether Shift Reports are printed automatically, or not.


The G5 Taximeter can be supplied with or without the optional Hi-Speed Thermal Printer.


The User Manual

The Installation Manual


The G5 taximeter kit includes:


1. The G5 Taximeter

2. Interface Box

3. USBC Connecting Cable

4. GPS Unit and Cable

The G5 Taximeter

Interface Box

USBC Connecting Cable

GPS Unit and Cable

Mounting Brackets