G4 Taximeter

Top Quality, Low Cost, Built to Last

The G4 taximeter is highly accurate, reliable and secure. It is ultra thin and ultra light, has a bright clear display and has a strong, rugged build.

Free 2 year warranty


Security Assured

If you own a G4 taximeter, you own your confidential income data recorded by the taximeter and have an absolute right to the privacy of that data.

Big Buttons

The G4 Taximeter has large buttons that are easy to press.

Bright displays and buttons

With bright displays and buttons, the Taximeter is highly visible and easy to read.

Quick & Easy Installation

The G4 relay harness makes the installation an easy process. With a 2.5m cable and screw terminals, connect to your cars power, roof lights, speedometer and other equipment in minutes.

High reliability relays

The G4 Taximeter can drive up to 3 roof light indicators independently. This means that almost any regulations in most countries can be satisfied.

Customise your rates & tariffs

Up to 16 independently programmable tariffs. Options like automatic tariff switching and flexible extras. Any country, any rates, whatever you need.

Connect to other equipments

Send fare information to Dispatchers, EFTPOS terminals, Printers, GPS units and more!

Mount nearly anywhere

The G4 Taximeter has flexibility to be mounted nearly anywhere in the taxi.

Program in advance

Avoid busy rate change periods by having your taximeter automatically update rates at a designated date and time.

Highly Accurate

Engineered for precision meaning you earn every dollar you deserve.


Detailed specifications

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 164(W) x 62.5(H) x 13.5(D)mm
Weight 133 grams
Case construction Lightweight, durable polycarbonate/ABS blend. Facia is screen printed, embossed polycarbonate


Type Extra bright 7 segment multicoloured
Size 14mm high
“RATE” 1 x RED


Type Illuminated tactile switches
Size 14 x 9mm (easy to press)
Functions “Tariff” Tariff/Sleep
“Mem.Tot” Memory/Total
“Ext.Clr” Extras/Clear/Vacant
“Fare” Start/Stop


Type Non-volatile (retains memory even with power failure)
Clock and historical fare data is backed up by an internal long-life lithium cell.

G4 Relay Harness (included with every G4 taximeter purchase)

Dimensions 82.4(L) x 53.5(W) x 30.5(H)mm
Weight 226 grams
Cable to connect to G4 Meter 2.5 meters long, 6mm diameter
Inputs “Dist.” Connects to vehicle speedometer
(see support page to locate the speedometer wire in your vehicle)
“12V” 12V, 5A fused link to vehicle battery
“Gnd” Connect direct to vehicle chassis or negative battery terminal
Outputs “Vac” 12V relay switched output to drive VACANT roof-light indicator
“T1” Tariff 1 roof-light indicator
“T2” Tariff 2 roof-light indicator
“NC” 12V output to other equipment indicating HIRED/VACANT
Interface ports 2 RJ12 connectors on the G4 Harness are used to interface with other devices.
For information on how these ports operate, see the next section.

Interfacing with other devices

Switched voltage in/outputs The G4 Relay Harness (see above) can receive speedometer information, control up to
three roof-light indicators and output a “Hired” signal using 12V switched signals.
Interface link: “Comm 1” Using a Protocol Converter, the G4 Taximeter can send/receive information to most taxi equipment
(including EFTPOS systems, dispatchers, printers, GPS receivers, automatic toll receivers, etc.)
Secondary display: “Comm 2” Option for secondary slave display for passengers in rear of vehicle

Tariff and Rate Structure

Number of tariffs Up to 16 programmable tariffs
Tariff switching modes Each tariff can be programmed to switch by:
– time of day
– date
– button press
– controlled by external equipment
Future dated rate changes Option to program new rates into the G4 taximeter days or weeks before the new rates come into effect.
New rates take effect at programmable date and time.
Rate structure of each tariff Each tariff can be programmed to increment the fare based on:
– Initial fare (at start of fare, after a particular distance or after a particular time)
– Next increments (dollars per distance, dollars per time or whichever comes first)
Extras The extras can be unique for each tariff.
Added to fare by pressing the “Extras” button.
Many options for extras can be programmed (single extra, multiple extras, incremental extras)
Roof light controls Each tariff can be set to change any of the 3 roof-light indicators
Share Ride Programmable option for Share Ride.
Can stop fare at first drop-off location, and continue fare to second drop-off location.

Power Specifications

Operating Voltage 9-12 V
Current Protection Internal 10A fused link
Recommended installation of 5A fused link from battery
Power consumption 3.5 Watts operating
0.32 Watts sleep mode

Driver Functions

Fares Drivers can Start, stop, total and clear fares
Vacant light The vacant light is automatically turned on when a fare is not running.

This option can be de-activated with a button press.

Memory functions The G4 taximeter has over 25 memory locations accessed with the “memory” button including:
ct Current Time (24 hr clock) (hr.min)
cd Current Date (dd/mm/yy)
01 Shift Money ($.c)
(Victoria Only) 01A Shift Surcharge ($.c)
02 Shift Money per Hour ($/hr)
03 Shift Money per Km ($/km)
04 Shift Kilometres (km)
05 Last Job Fare ($.c)
06 Last Job Extras ($.c)
07 Last Job Distance (km)
08 Last Job Start Time (hr.min)
09 Last Job Finish Time (hr.min)
(Victoria Only) 09A Total Surcharge ($.c)
10 Total Money ($.c)
(Victoria Only) 10A Total Money Less Surcharge ($.c)
11 Total Flagfalls ($.c)
12 Total Units ($.c)
13 Total Extras ($.c)
14 Total Trips
15 Paid Kilometres (km)
16 Total Kilometres (km)
17 Current Calibration (pulses/km)
18 Speedometer Pulse Counter
19 Software Version / Clear Shift
20 Km Travelled Since Last Job (km)
21 Total Distance Units ($.c)
22 Total Waiting Time Units ($.c)
23 Speed (kph)
24 Tariff ID
Memory clearing The driver can clear the Shift data manually.
The taximeter totals cannot be cleared by a driver.

Service Functions (using the optional G4 Programming Module)

Programming Programming is performed using the Programming Module.
A customised tariff structure can be programmed into a Programming Module.
Taximeters can be re-programmed without removing the taximeter from the vehicle.
Memory clearing The meter totals can be cleared using the Programming Module.
Calibrating the taximeter The G4 Taximeter has an inbuilt function to make calibration quick and easy.
Calibrations typically take 15 minutes and can be performed anywhere.
For added security, in most jurisdictions, calibrations can only be performed
using a G4 Programming Module.
Security seals Many jurisdictions require physical sealing of taximeters.
Plastic seals and sealing wire are available on request (see accessories page).
Serial Numbers Unique serial numbers are printed on the front case of every G4 taximeter. They can also be
internally programmed to ensure taximeters are not swapped without owner permission


Distance measurement 0.0002% typical, 0.01% worst case
Time measurement 0.00005% typical, 0.01% worst case
Independently tested to be a highly accurate taximeter.

Warranty and Service

Warranty The G4 taximeter kit comes with a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects.
Service and repairs Schmidt Electronic Laboratories provide service, repairs and parts for all current equipment.

The Standard Kit

1 x Schmidt G4 Taximeter head Pre-programmed to your specifications
1 x Front panel screw kit Includes a custom security sealing screw
1 x G4 Relay Harness
1 x G4 Mounting kit Includes 2 steel brackets, industrial strength double-sided tape and bolts
1 x Operating Manual Manual is also downloadable as a PDF from the support page.


Protocol Converter

Connect your G4 Taximeter to a range of devices using the Protocol Converter. EFTPOS terminals, dispatch systems, printers, GPS receivers, toll receivers, security cameras, and much more. Tell us what equipment you need interfaced so we can assure your needs are met. RJ12 interconnecting cables sold separately.

Security Sealing Kit

Many countries require physical sealing of taximeters. Sealing ensures drivers or passengers do not tamper with the taximeter. Copper seal wire available per roll or per meter. Plastic seals available.

G4 Programming Module

Programming is performed using the G4 Programming module. A customized programming structure can be programmed into a Programming module. The process takes minutes and can be done without removing the Taximeter from the vehicle.