VerifEye Security Cameras

External Ball Camera

Set of 3 – Installed in Maxi Taxis

Internal Dual Camera


Meets Specifications The only in-vehicle camera that meets or exceeds all safety camera specifications, in all mandated taxi markets, in Australia, North America, Europe and the Middle-East.
Channels 4 channels (can support up to 6 cameras when using G5 dual cam plus G5 road view cam).
Sensor  Integral g-force sensor (in G5 dual cam).
 Triggers  Ignition (background) trigger, 8 g-force triggers and up to five additional programmable event triggers.
 Records  Records at up to 8 frames per second.
 Memory  High reliability industrial grade flash memory (up to 32GB).
 Security  Theft-proof/tamper-proof.
 Audio  Audio option (disabled in mandated markets which prohibit audio).
 Access  Customized Viewer software restricts access to images in accordance with requirements of jurisdictional mandate.
 Interface  MDT interface and/or wireless download option.
 GPS  GPS receiver/mapping option.
 Quality  Fire-proof/water-proof option.


Identification & Deterrence Superior identification and deterrence.
Ultra-high resolution images
Best-in-class night images
More and longer g-force clips
Fit and Forget Proven 8-year service life/no life-limited parts to wear out.
Installation & Inspection tools Ensure correct operation of all triggers at all times.
Rapid download  Ensures taxi is back in service in the minimum possible time after an incident.
 Improved Driving Behaviors Better and more consistent driving behaviors.
 Fewer accidents
 Reduced costs Reduced claims processing costs.
Lower fuel and maintenance costs.
 Product Support  8-year product support guarantee.